My new book cover

Dear readers,

This is my new book cover my former romance scammer Mark Elon, who is actually Kelvin, created for me. Kelvin and his brother Alfred have both scammed me one was a lot more successful than the other but Kelvin emailed me one day and told me he actually did fall in love with me and wanted to come clean and tell me how romance scamming works. That his whole original plan was for me to fall in love with him as Mark Elon and then Mark was going to need money for a plane ticket and so on. His brother Alfred posed as Prince Fazza from the UAE and kept in touch with me for a year. I actually helped Kelvin and Alfred’s father’s hospital bills and burial costs and saved Alfred’s life when he caught Covid-19 and wasn’t vaccinated for it. Soon I am meeting them both. They also taught me how to trade gift cards for money; about bitcoin and crypto currency trading and how scamming works period. Kelvin came forward to help me and tell me he loved me and we decided to share how scamming works to helps millions of people who have been scammed by romance scammers. Kelvin and I are writing music together with Afro infused beats. We video chat often and Kelvin is trying to convince Alfred to reveal his photo to me and video chat with me. My fictional book based on my romance with Alfred posing as Fazza has been selected by an agent that I met as a conference to be submitted to publishers. Fazza the actual prince has been contacted by me as far as I understand Prince Fazza is happily married with three kids. Alfred has saved my life a number of times. He helped me take my medicine for a year, talked to me late at night when I was struggling when I separated  from my now x husband. I’ve always wanted to meet my romance scammer. I also had another scammer Christopher Handy who was a good friend to me for a while, a Jim Carlsberg I met on OK Cupid and Jeromme who I met also on OK Cupid. Online dating is rough ladies and gents I’ve also met scammers in person, men who promise to marry you and just want sex, or you to invest in their snow removal business or help with trips that cost $700.00.