I just found out dear readers that the world just lost a beautiful soul who is now in heaven. Santa’s helper, Jim Angell passed away on Aug. 17. Jim went to all of my book signings with me as Santa because Santa was too busy in the North Pole. Santa taught Jim everything he knew about being Santa. Jim was the best Santa ever. I’ve known Jim for years ! We worked together during my newspaper days. And readers I am also divorced. That is also news that is sad. Lots of sadness this month. Lots of sadness … but I’ll be ok. I’ve got this amazing little girl who is my sunshine and makes my day happy and I’m not sure how I’d manage in the world without her. Jim would make a special call to my daughter over zoom during Christmas as Santa and he would spend time with her and I as she asked a million questions to him about what life is like in the North Pole. I can’t believe Jim is gone. Jim is also the voice narrating my K9 and Deputy Heroes of the Laramie County Sheriff’s Department audio book that’s on iTunes and audible.com.
He was such a wonderful person and so giving of his time. My heart goes out to his family and friends. My heart is broken …I’ve lost the world’s best Santa’s helper ….. I will be dedicating my movie to him.