Dear readers,

Today I am writing you from Nashville where I am recording the last few tracks of my music album that will be coming out in January or February of next year! My single, a cover of Amy Grant’s “Mary’s Song: Breath of Heaven” just came out on itunes. I hope to go on tour with my label AOK Records next year. I’d love to open for Amy Grant or Brett Eldredge for their famous Christmas shows. My album is country, Christian, Christmas and pop. I recently was featured by my employer

You can find my music anywhere music is sold or streamed. Also request it on radio.

Don’t worry I am still writing books, too and I’m working on Carol and Santa 2. Lorenzo Leonard just finished the screenplay for “Carol and Santa” and we’re hoping Hallmark or Disney picks up my story.
I am currently writing a review of Brett Eldredge’s Glow concert tour that started at the historic Ryman Auditorium yesterday. He’s got an amazing voice and put on one heck of a fabulous show!! Read the review! I am also trying to get an in person interview with him for my employer. Wish me luck! I gave Brett a copy of my book at his show last night and I am going to his show tonight and tomorrow, too. I paid for my own trip and tickets. Hoping for an interview.
Merry Christmas to all!

Much love!

Karen Cotton